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Lobster Supplier Malaysia

Wednesday 7 March 2018

Lobster Supplier Malaysia

Lobster supplier Malaysia is great products that can be found in the Malaysia market. The lobster is versatile seafood which can be cooked deliciously in almost many kind of cooking methods. In Malaysia itself, you can find many restaurants and hotels serve this wonderful and luxurious dish and when you have time to visit Malaysia, you need to look for the best lobster supplier.
Malaysia is one of the top most lobster producers in the world just like Indonesia. In Malaysia, you can be able to find good quality of lobsters if you know how to buy for the greatest one. You can buy the lobsters on boat for some premium freshest live lobsters or you can order frozen lobsters via online shopping. Either way, if you cannot find good live lobster locally then import lobsters from other countries including Malaysia is the best solution you can try.

Lobster supplier Malaysia from the fishermen to the market
The lobsters in Malaysia are harvested wildly from the ocean as well as taken out of the lobster farm. If you want to get wild caught lobsters in Malaysia and you live in there then you can visit the fishermen directly on the coastal area and then buy the lobster on boat. The fishermen will give you cheap discount for buying freshest and live lobsters since they are the first hand lobster supplier Malaysia you can be able to meet.
Try to look for freshest and live lobsters on boat and if they do sell them in a bulk then grab them fast because you cannot miss such chance. Looking for live lobsters are quite difficult in these days and if you buy from your local supermarket, usually they are thawed which is mean not the freshest lobster or they are already stink since the supermarket already kept them quite a long time.
Besides the fishermen, you can also try to buy lobsters from Malaysia wholesalers and retailers or distributors. Although the price of the lobsters might grow higher due to them want to get profit. However, they can give you large amount of lobsters for your business and sometime they even can export the seafood to you via air cargo with overnight shipping process. This is good since the lobsters will arrive in front of your door still in very good condition.
When you buy lobsters from trusted lobster supplier Malaysia then do not hesitate to ask some information including:
-          The sustainability of the lobsters
-          The source of the lobsters: wild caught or farmed
-          The price of the lobsters
-          The shipping process
-          The storage method
-          Additional cost such as delivery service and taxes
-          How the suppliers handle and deal with the lobsters, etc.
-          Some sample to have
-          What lobster species they sell
What to look for from lobster supplier Malaysia
There are several things you should look for when you want to find fresh or frozen lobster supplier Malaysia such as:
1.      The suppliers need to have good track record
It is better if you importing or buy lobsters from suppliers that have good track record and already in the business for quite a long time. See what other people thought about their services from the internet and whether many people recommend others to buy from that one supplier. More importantly, the suppliers can always give you some update about the real time market price for the lobsters. This is important since lobsters are highly priced in the market and thus the change of the price can affect your business as well.
2.      The suppliers have certificates and quality insurances
It is better to select suppliers that already got some certificates and good quality insurances to make sure that they sell true lobsters with high quality product. It is also to make sure that they only sell safe and edible seafood for the customers. You need to ensure that the suppliers follow FDA rules if they want to export the lobsters to outside of their country as well quality insurances from HAACP, ISO, IFS, and many more. High quality of lobster supplier Malaysia must have inspection process and quality control standards to offer premium and satisfying product to all of their customers.
3.      They have good packaging process
Whether the lobsters are safe and still in good condition when they arrive in each destination is also depend on how they store and packaging the seafood. Frozen lobsters are usually packaged inside air vacuum plastic and thus if you spot this package torn or damaged in any way, you need to ask for some guarantee. The suppliers need to make sure they have protection for the lobsters with the packaging process and of course, maintenance for the packaging inventory is a must to do.
4.      They have great logistic management and support
It is important for the suppliers to always monitor their process to make sure all the process have been done in the right way. The orders need to cover all the steps from the process in the facilities to the end customer. Direct monitoring is a must and the steps include receive raw lobsters, actual processing, packaging, and delivery process. During shipping trip, it also needs to be monitored from the scheduling, loading to the cargo, and when the product is arrive at the final destination. Moreover, the suppliers need to give the customer guarantee if the lobsters are damaged during the long journey.
5.      Product development
Thanks to today modern technologies, it is easier to keep the quality of the lobsters as well as handling them with the right methods. When the lobsters are caught they are quick frozen on the boat before being delivered to the facilities. Furthermore, it is not only about product development, but in fact development in services for the customer needs to be taken into action as well. How they can respond the customer demand very well, how the staff is expertise to answer all the questions asked by the customers, and so on.
Hope some of the information above can help you when looking for trusted and reliable lobster supplier Malaysia.


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