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Lobster Habitat Map and Behavior Information

Wednesday, 7 March 2018

Lobster Habitat Map and Behavior Information

You might want to learn about lobster habitat map to know more where this crustacean actually like to live all over this world for your knowledge. But first you should know that around this world, the one that people often consume is actually American lobster as well as European lobster species. But of course, there are still other types of lobster that people also consume in this world. As you know this seafood is very famous food which people consume everywhere in this world. That is why; they are often caught by fishermen which want to gain a lot of profit. Of course before they can catch them, the first thing that they need to do is to learn about their habitat and behavior.

Information about Lobster Behavior and Lobster Habitat Map
But for now let us talk about the more common lobster that people eat which is the American lobster as well as European lobster species. As their name, then you should know that they will life in the area which is similar with their name which both still inside the Atlantic Ocean area. But then again there are still some tropical lobsters that people also consume in the tropical region. However, people usually called those kinds of lobster with different name such as slipper lobster as well as spiny lobster.
But you should know that the lobster has close relation with other crustacean such as shrimp as well as crab. Looking at the lobster habitat map, then you will also notice that they also like to stay in the under part of the sea.  Especially since the under part of the sea is a better place for them to live as they can get a lot of food as well as place to hide themselves from danger. Especially since the eyesight of a lobster is actually in poor condition but they have developed more advanced sense such as tasting and smelling. For eating, they will choose to feed on mollusk or even smaller size fish. But sometimes they may also eat plant based food such as algae or other plants.
This is the reason why they can live very well in area that is filled with rocks, in the cold area of the Atlantic Ocean that is on the Northern America location. In this area the water will goes down from 164 toward 2,296 feet. But then again, you still able to find lobster in different water area such as freshwater or even area with brackish water.
For the American lobster, you can see through the lobster habitat map, that they reside all over the Atlantic coast area still in the northern part of America. That goes along the Labrador area which is on the northern area then goes towards Cape Hatteras in the North Carolina area which is on the southern area. But on different area such as New Jersey especially on the southern area, they are quite uncommon. Then again on different area like Virginia, Maryland, Delaware, as well as North Carolina, their population goes around one percent.
For the small size lobster, they will hide themselves under rock area as you see on lobster habitat map. Usually they will find a lair which mostly consist of rock which able to protect them from predator. Once they find suitable lair, first they will poke their claws inside. This is done so they can ensure there is no danger inside. This also done so the creature that currently resides inside the lair will go away so they can take that place. Then after the place is empty and safe, they will use it as their own lair. But to do that, they will enter first with their back part inside. This is done so they can defend whenever there is danger approaching. This is also done so they can still take any food that accidentally came across their lair so they do not even need to leave the safety that is provided by their lair.
You should know that a lobster will mostly spend their live inside their lair since it can protect them from danger. Especially for the younger one as they are still very small as well as vulnerable, thus they need to quickly find a lair to hide. That is the reason why they might dig a lair inside mud, sand or the pebbles. Then they will even stay under the lair for years as they need to protect themselves. But later when they have grow into adult lobster then they will be able to fight most predators which means there should be less treats that they need to face. This is the reason bigger size lobster like to move around more compared to the smaller size lobster. But even with that they still only have very minimum migration habit even though they might also like to move along the coastal region.
Even though the bigger size lobster like to move around more compared to the smaller size lobster, but they still like to live inside depth area of the sea and then done some migratory behavior by moving to the warmer water. This is why; when you see on the lobster habitat map they also love to go into the shore area during the summer season in search for warmer water climate. This might be the reason why; you think that their habitat is also around the coastal area then moving along the offshore area.
During their migration period, they will usually take around 19 miles travel. They actually like to travel along in the coastal region in area that is near the shore, which actually spread around 918 miles long this is why the travel time might take around 3.5 years to do.
Those are all information that you will learn when you take a look at the lobster habitat map. Before jumping in and knowing where they are currently resides, the first thing that you need to do is to learn their behavior. So you will now know where to search for them on the map in any season.


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