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Lobster Exporters

Wednesday 7 March 2018

Lobster Exporters

Lobster exporters products can be purchased in the market with variety of prices depending on the quality and the type of the products. You can use and cook them for any recipes since lobsters are very versatile. You can broil, bake, fry, grill, steam, etc the lobsters according to your preference. Meanwhile, lobster is also a luxurious seafood product since many high class restaurants and hotels serve them and bulk order the lobsters from certain trusted suppliers. In addition, they are typically delivered by air cargo so the customers can get their products within overnight shipping.
Variety of the lobster exporters products
There are many varieties of lobster exporters products which you can buy from the lobster dealers such as:
1.      Fresh lobsters
This is the first lobster product that comes to mind when looking for good quality lobsters for restaurant and hotel business. It is true that freshest lobsters will offer more delicious taste and top quality when they are cooked quickly right after being caught. Fresh lobsters are characteristically served with or without their shells depending on the recipes. Furthermore they can be served in alive or dead.
Of course we recommend you to get live lobsters because dead lobsters are easier to go spoilage. After you buy fresh and live lobsters you better prepare and cook them as quickly as possible. You can buy either Maine lobster or Spiny lobster.
Since the exporters need to keep the lobsters live during the delivery process, they are shipped with air cargo with special handle and storage so they are still in best condition  when they are arrive at the destination.
2.      Frozen lobsters
The frozen lobsters are the second best choice when you cannot get fresh and alive lobsters from trusted lobster exporters. They are sometime sold in cheaper price than the fresh lobsters. The advantage of frozen lobster is they are available year round and you mostly can find them even in nearest market like the grocery stores or supermarket. Meanwhile, you do not need to prepare and cook them quickly, because they can be cooked anytime.
Frozen lobsters are usually packed inside air vacuum packaging to prevent spoilage. After that the frozen lobsters need to be stored inside freezer in the right temperature setting even after they are delivered by air cargo or truck and ships. Frozen lobsters can be as good as the fresh lobsters since they are quick frozen after being caught on the boat. If you want to buy frozen lobster just make sure the package does not have any damages or torn plus they is no ice burn or ice crystal on the lobsters.
3.      Lobster tails
The lobster tails can be sold in either fresh or frozen conditions. Although it is true they are easier to get in frozen condition especially when they are exported to other countries. The lobster tails have delicate flavor and they have large amount of meat inside the tails. Many people who do not like to eat lobster in a whole and just want to taste for good lobster meat with nice appearance when served, they prefer to take lobster tails. Cheap lobster exporters usually offer warm water lobster tails or cold water lobster tails. Although many people prefer to have cool water lobster tails instead of the warm one because they are sweeter and have tender meat inside. Cook the lobster tails and eat them with some delicious sauces to add more flavors.
4.      Lobster meats
Online lobster exporters also like to offer certain product of lobster meats which they are served mostly without its shells. They are the best product where the chefs do not want to clean and prepare a whole lobsters to make any recipes. The lobster meats are packed inside air vacuum packaging and inside the package; they are flakes of lobster meats or a bunch of lobster meats along with the claw meats and so on. It is easier to cook seafood recipes with lobster meats, you can make delicious sandwich or make seafood lobster salad with the lobster meats product. The lobster meats are usually cooked or semi cooked so there is no need to take much time just to prepare recipe with the meats. Not to mention, they are sold in cheaper price than a whole fresh and frozen lobster exporters product.
5.      Canned lobster meats
This is the cheapest lobster product which you can buy when you want to luxury eat lobster meats, but do not have enough budget. However, sometime the canned lobster meats are not the true lobster. Some suppliers offer other seafood meats that look like lobster meats and then add lobster flavor. That’s why they are great cheaper alternative to buy. Of course there is also option for real lobster meats packed inside cans with the claws. They are available in chunks or flakes. The canned lobster flakes are cheaper than the chunks one because many brands offer fake lobster meat with additional lobster flavor to add the lobster like taste. If you want to add lobster meat as side ingredient for any recipes then you can use canned lobster for easy preparation. However, if the lobsters are the main ingredient then we suggest that you use whole true lobster instead of the canned one.
Those are some lobster exporters products which you can buy from the dealers. To be able to deliver the products for many customers, you can try to order them via online shop or the internet. There are many main lobster produce countries that sell varieties of lobster species in many qualities.
If you like to get fresh and alive lobster but you live far away from the coastal area, you can buy them from lobster exporters. Select trusted exporters who follow FDA regulations and terms for export import trading. It is better to ask for samples before you buy just to make sure that they really sell true lobsters. Moreover, you can also ask for some recommendations from other customers who experienced the dealers product and services before.


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