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Lobster Supplier

Wednesday 7 March 2018

Lobster Supplier

Lobster supplier usually has tons of lobster stock ready to be sold to various buyers in both fresh and frozen condition. Lobster is a popular seafood product and one of the most luxury ones. They are sold in high prices because of the popularity in the seafood industry. There are many types of lobsters which you can order from many restaurants and most of them sold in quite expensive prices.
Lobster is not only offers delicious soft meats, but they are also full of healthy nutrition. Lobster is good for body since they are rich in vitamins, minerals, protein, and omega-3 fatty acids. The omega-3 fats in the lobster are one of the highest content levels among seafood products. That’s why, people like to eat lobster, although they are also contain high cholesterol level and thus you better do not over consume and moderate your consumption of lobster. In addition, although lobster contains fats, they are mostly saturated fats which considered being healthy.
 How to buy lobster from lobster supplier
Buying lobster from trusted lobster supplier is a must and you should find good suppliers either local or international to deliver you high quality lobster especially if you want to use it in business. If you want to buy lobster then there are several simple criteria you need to consider such as:
1.      The species of the lobster
There are many species of lobsters available but you must likely encounter two species in the market which are Maine lobster and Spiny lobster. What are the different between these two incredible lobsters? Let’s find out!
·         Maine lobster: This lobster sourced mostly from the cold Atlantic waters and in many cases, the suppliers like to sell them as live lobster product. They have sweeter flavor and firmer texture compared with Spiny lobster. They have tender knuckle and claw meats which is even tender than their tail part.
·         Spiny lobster: It is a claw less lobster species which can be found in the warm Caribbean waters. If you want to purchase frozen lobster tail then they are mostly taken out from the Spiny lobster. You can tell it by the distinct and unique white spotted pattern.
2.      Liveliness
Most of the best lobster supplier like to sell them alive rather than killed them and of course it is better to buy lobster when they are still alive or at least kill them when they are ready to be cooked. It is because the lobster will quicker become spoilage when they are in death state. The lobster as well as other similar crustaceans have enzymatic breakdown.
Usually, the lobsters digest their prey with enzymes located in the upper digestive which positioned in their heads. When the lobsters are dead, the enzymes will start to eat their own bodies and thus lobsters will be quickly become spoilage especially around upper areas of the tail. The best solution to prevent it is by remove both the tail and the claws of the lobsters. That’s why you rarely found frozen lobster in a ‘whole’.
But, once again, it is better to keep the lobsters alive when they are sold to the end users. When the healthy lobsters still alive, they will move their claws and tail as well as their legs energetically and flap them few times. If you see a lobster with small movement or limp claws then you better move on to other lobsters being sold.
3.      Soft versus hard lobster
Once a year, most of the lobsters will do molting process to get a new shell. Their hard old shell will be removed and it will reveal some softer shell underneath it. The recently molted soft shell lobsters, however, not so soft so you can be able to eat the lobster including their shell. In the market, you can find old harder shelled lobsters and molted softer shelled lobsters. To differentiate these two kinds of lobsters then you can try to squeeze them gently and the softer shell lobsters will be showing these criteria:
·         Softer shell lobsters are mostly easier to shuck, you can even cut them easily with kitchen shears or even rip their shell using hands.
·         Because of the molting process which required waters, soft shell lobsters are mostly fillet with water and this is mean you get less meat than the harder one.
·         Some people find out that the flavor of the soft shell lobsters are sweeter, more flavorful, and tender than the harder shell lobsters.
4.      The size of the lobster
Lobster supplier in Indonesia, for example, they are always try to offer variety size of lobsters in the market. Some important information which you probably do not know yet, the lobster can grow forever. One of the largest lobsters found can even reach size about 40 to 50-pound range. But, you are likely to encounter smaller lobster size around 1 to 3 pounds only or if you are lucky perhaps about 7 to 8 pounds. The price of the lobsters will also determined by their size. The larger the lobster then you will pay for more for each pound. However, increase in size does not mean increased in the quality of the lobster. Moreover, larger lobster will be harder to cook than the small one and thus you may want to take this as considerations when buying lobsters based on their size.
Where you can buy high quality lobster?
There are many lobster supplier online and offline, maybe you can find them locally, domestically, or internationally. If you want to buy high quality lobster in live condition then you can visit the fishermen. This is the best way to purchase top quality of lobsters when they are still alive.
However, if you are live in the middle of crowded cities or countries then it will be harder to find alive lobsters in good condition. You may want to visit supermarket or grocery stores to buy lobsters. Alternatively, you can find lobster supplier in online site where they can ship to you some lobsters via air delivery.


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