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Cooked Lobster Recipes Easy to Make at Home

Thursday 8 March 2018

Cooked Lobster Recipes Easy to Make at Home

You might want to try making cooked lobster recipes since this seafood is very delicious thus everyone loves to eat it even at home with home cooking. Furthermore you can gain various nutrients from the lobster which is very great to have as you do not only eat delicious food but also nutritious food. If you want to try and make the lobster dishes by yourself at home, then you can try to cook several of these recipes that we have gathered here. These recipes are very easy to create but the taste is still very delicious so everyone will love it.
Taco Cooked Lobster RecipesSalsa ingredients:
-          Lime 2 piece, zested take the juice
-          Chipotle copped inside adobo puree 1 tbsp
-          Honey 2 tsp
-          Olive oil ¼ cup
-          Yellow tomatoes 3 pieces cut in half, take out the seeds and then diced
-          Red onion small ½ piece slice thinly
-          Fresh cilantro chopped ¼ cup and some more for the garnish
-          Black pepper
-          Salt
Taco Ingredients:
-          Lobster 2 pieces with 0.5 pound weight each parboiled it then split it in half lengthwise
-          Black pepper
-          Canola oil
-          Salt
-          Green onion 3 stack take the pale and dark green part then sliced thinly
-          Corn tortillas 8 piece 6 inches each, wrapped them inside aluminum foil to warm
-          Cheese Monterey Jack 1.5 cups shredded
Salsa cooking directions:
1.      Take a medium size bowl then put inside the lime juice, lime zest, chipotle, olive oil, and honey.
2.      Add the cilantro, onion and tomato.
3.      Stir to mix all of the ingredients.
4.      Season it with pepper and salt.
5.      Taste and set aside.
Cooked lobster recipes cooking directions:
1.      Preheat your grill using high heat setting.
2.      Take the lobster then use cooking brush to apply the canola oil into the surface of the meat.
3.      Season them with pepper and salt.
4.      Taste them and put them on top of the grill with the flesh part down.
5.      Grill the lobster until they are a little bit charred as the meat cooked through completely which will take around 5 minutes to do.
6.      Take them out from the grill then take out the lobster meat from their shells.
7.      Gather the meat inside a bowl then chop them coarsely.
8.      Add green onion into the bowl then stir to mix all of the ingredients. Set aside
Lobster Taco cooking directions:
1.      Spread the tortillas flat in a surface.
2.      Spread all of the cheese on the taco surface evenly.
3.      Spread a few tbsp of the lobster filling on top of the cheese.
4.      Fold the tortillas then brush the top surface of the tortillas using the canola oil then put it on the grill with oil surface down. Wait for around 1 minute so the surface will char slightly.
5.      Brush the other surface that has not been grilled using the canola oil then flip it to grill the other surface. Wait for around 1 minute so the surface will char slightly and the cheese is melting.
6.      Take off from the grill then put it on serving plate. Garnish using the cilantro before serving.

Linguine Cooked Lobster Recipes
-          Olive oil 3 tbsp
-          Bacon 3 slices chopped
-          Shallots 3 pieces minced
-          Garlic 2 cloves chopped
-          Pepper flake red ¼ tsp
-          Salt ½ tsp
-          Tomato puree 2 cups
-          Heavy cream ¼ cup
-          Linguine 1 pound
-          Parmesan cheese grated ¼ cup and some more to be used as garnishing
-          Baby arugula 1 cup chopped roughly
-          Fresh basil ½ cup chopped roughly and some more to be used as garnishing
-          Frozen peas 1 cup thawed
-          Lobster 2 pieces with 1.5 pound weight each
Cooked lobster recipes cooking directions:
1.      Take the lobster then steam it until cooked
2.      Crack open the shells then remove the meat from inside.
3.      Roughly chopped the lobster meat then set aside.
4.      Take a straight sided large size skillet then heat it using medium heat setting.
5.      Pour olive oil inside then add the bacon to cook it for around 8 minutes so the bacon will be crisp.
6.      Add inside the garlic, red pepper, and shallot then cook it for another 3 minutes until the smell become fragrant.
7.      Add inside the tomato puree, heavy cream, and salt then stir it to mix sauce together.
8.      Reduce the setting of the heat into low setting then shimmer the sauce for around 5 minutes.
9.      Meanwhile take a large size pot then fill it with water. Put on top of the stove then boil it.
10.  After the water is boiled add salt and linguine then cook it for around 1 minute less from the cooking direction in the packaging which usually around 10 minutes.
11.  Take the pasta from inside the water using tongs then put the pasta into the skillet with sauce.
12.  Add some of the pasta water as needed but no more than 1 cup to loosen up the sauce a little bit.
13.  Put inside the tarragon, arugula, peas, lobster and basil then stir to mix.
14.  Shimmer it for another minute so everything will be heated thoroughly.
15.  Plate the pasta then garnish it with some cheese if necessary.

Those are several lobster recipes that you should try to cook. All are easy to follow as there are detailed recipe attached to make it easy for you to understand how to make it. Lobster is very delicious food fish that you should try to cook as it is also very versatile thus you can use various recipes when necessary. Furthermore, you can cook the lobster as entrée, snack or even main dish as you wish since the lobster meat is very suitable to be cooked with any kinds of cooked lobster recipes that you want. So now you do not need to worry and really try to make some lobster dishes by yourself at home.


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