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Friday 9 March 2018

Get Supplier Fresh Water Lobster from Our Website. We are ready to provide Wholesale Lobster Meat, Lobster Facts, Lobster Exporters, Tuna, etc. Supplier Fresh Water Lobster Indonesia is not hard to find because Indonesia has many Supplier Fresh Water Lobster. But we need to Find Professional Supplier Fresh Water Lobster to get High Quality and Regulation to Import Fresh water Lobster to your Company.

To be Supplier Fresh Water Lobster Exporter need to know many Custom Regulation, shipping and Tax to make it clear and arrived to your Country. Professional Supplier Fresh Water Lobster Exporter will Inform you about how much cost Lobster Exporter to your Country. Our Professional Team Ready to help You About it.
Supplier Fresh Water Lobster Exporter is like Supplier Sea Lobster. Fresh Water Lobster Exporter has different taste from Sea Lobster Supplier. Professional Fresh Water Lobster Exporter also give best Quality product and keep it with professional Shipping. With Great Fresh Water Lobster Exporter we will spared from another Risk.
To get more cheapest price, we can Buy much Lobster from Wholesale Lobster Meat. With buy much Lobster from Wholesale Lobster Meat, We will get discount and cheapest shipping cost. because if we buy little Lobster we will need high cost for shipping. More detail Info about Cost, Please contact Us.
For more detail info, Contact Us in the Form. We response your Question as soon as possible. That's all of our Question, more info Lobster Exporters, Lobster Facts, Supplier Fresh Water Lobster, Wholesale Lobster Meat, check on our Website.

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Thursday 8 March 2018

You might want to try making cooked lobster recipes since this seafood is very delicious thus everyone loves to eat it even at home with home cooking. Furthermore you can gain various nutrients from the lobster which is very great to have as you do not only eat delicious food but also nutritious food. If you want to try and make the lobster dishes by yourself at home, then you can try to cook several of these recipes that we have gathered here. These recipes are very easy to create but the taste is still very delicious so everyone will love it.
Taco Cooked Lobster RecipesSalsa ingredients:
-          Lime 2 piece, zested take the juice
-          Chipotle copped inside adobo puree 1 tbsp
-          Honey 2 tsp
-          Olive oil ¼ cup
-          Yellow tomatoes 3 pieces cut in half, take out the seeds and then diced
-          Red onion small ½ piece slice thinly
-          Fresh cilantro chopped ¼ cup and some more for the garnish
-          Black pepper
-          Salt
Taco Ingredients:
-          Lobster 2 pieces with 0.5 pound weight each parboiled it then split it in half lengthwise
-          Black pepper
-          Canola oil
-          Salt
-          Green onion 3 stack take the pale and dark green part then sliced thinly
-          Corn tortillas 8 piece 6 inches each, wrapped them inside aluminum foil to warm
-          Cheese Monterey Jack 1.5 cups shredded
Salsa cooking directions:
1.      Take a medium size bowl then put inside the lime juice, lime zest, chipotle, olive oil, and honey.
2.      Add the cilantro, onion and tomato.
3.      Stir to mix all of the ingredients.
4.      Season it with pepper and salt.
5.      Taste and set aside.
Cooked lobster recipes cooking directions:
1.      Preheat your grill using high heat setting.
2.      Take the lobster then use cooking brush to apply the canola oil into the surface of the meat.
3.      Season them with pepper and salt.
4.      Taste them and put them on top of the grill with the flesh part down.
5.      Grill the lobster until they are a little bit charred as the meat cooked through completely which will take around 5 minutes to do.
6.      Take them out from the grill then take out the lobster meat from their shells.
7.      Gather the meat inside a bowl then chop them coarsely.
8.      Add green onion into the bowl then stir to mix all of the ingredients. Set aside
Lobster Taco cooking directions:
1.      Spread the tortillas flat in a surface.
2.      Spread all of the cheese on the taco surface evenly.
3.      Spread a few tbsp of the lobster filling on top of the cheese.
4.      Fold the tortillas then brush the top surface of the tortillas using the canola oil then put it on the grill with oil surface down. Wait for around 1 minute so the surface will char slightly.
5.      Brush the other surface that has not been grilled using the canola oil then flip it to grill the other surface. Wait for around 1 minute so the surface will char slightly and the cheese is melting.
6.      Take off from the grill then put it on serving plate. Garnish using the cilantro before serving.

Linguine Cooked Lobster Recipes
-          Olive oil 3 tbsp
-          Bacon 3 slices chopped
-          Shallots 3 pieces minced
-          Garlic 2 cloves chopped
-          Pepper flake red ¼ tsp
-          Salt ½ tsp
-          Tomato puree 2 cups
-          Heavy cream ¼ cup
-          Linguine 1 pound
-          Parmesan cheese grated ¼ cup and some more to be used as garnishing
-          Baby arugula 1 cup chopped roughly
-          Fresh basil ½ cup chopped roughly and some more to be used as garnishing
-          Frozen peas 1 cup thawed
-          Lobster 2 pieces with 1.5 pound weight each
Cooked lobster recipes cooking directions:
1.      Take the lobster then steam it until cooked
2.      Crack open the shells then remove the meat from inside.
3.      Roughly chopped the lobster meat then set aside.
4.      Take a straight sided large size skillet then heat it using medium heat setting.
5.      Pour olive oil inside then add the bacon to cook it for around 8 minutes so the bacon will be crisp.
6.      Add inside the garlic, red pepper, and shallot then cook it for another 3 minutes until the smell become fragrant.
7.      Add inside the tomato puree, heavy cream, and salt then stir it to mix sauce together.
8.      Reduce the setting of the heat into low setting then shimmer the sauce for around 5 minutes.
9.      Meanwhile take a large size pot then fill it with water. Put on top of the stove then boil it.
10.  After the water is boiled add salt and linguine then cook it for around 1 minute less from the cooking direction in the packaging which usually around 10 minutes.
11.  Take the pasta from inside the water using tongs then put the pasta into the skillet with sauce.
12.  Add some of the pasta water as needed but no more than 1 cup to loosen up the sauce a little bit.
13.  Put inside the tarragon, arugula, peas, lobster and basil then stir to mix.
14.  Shimmer it for another minute so everything will be heated thoroughly.
15.  Plate the pasta then garnish it with some cheese if necessary.

Those are several lobster recipes that you should try to cook. All are easy to follow as there are detailed recipe attached to make it easy for you to understand how to make it. Lobster is very delicious food fish that you should try to cook as it is also very versatile thus you can use various recipes when necessary. Furthermore, you can cook the lobster as entrée, snack or even main dish as you wish since the lobster meat is very suitable to be cooked with any kinds of cooked lobster recipes that you want. So now you do not need to worry and really try to make some lobster dishes by yourself at home.

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Wednesday 7 March 2018

Lobster supplier usually has tons of lobster stock ready to be sold to various buyers in both fresh and frozen condition. Lobster is a popular seafood product and one of the most luxury ones. They are sold in high prices because of the popularity in the seafood industry. There are many types of lobsters which you can order from many restaurants and most of them sold in quite expensive prices.
Lobster is not only offers delicious soft meats, but they are also full of healthy nutrition. Lobster is good for body since they are rich in vitamins, minerals, protein, and omega-3 fatty acids. The omega-3 fats in the lobster are one of the highest content levels among seafood products. That’s why, people like to eat lobster, although they are also contain high cholesterol level and thus you better do not over consume and moderate your consumption of lobster. In addition, although lobster contains fats, they are mostly saturated fats which considered being healthy.
 How to buy lobster from lobster supplier
Buying lobster from trusted lobster supplier is a must and you should find good suppliers either local or international to deliver you high quality lobster especially if you want to use it in business. If you want to buy lobster then there are several simple criteria you need to consider such as:
1.      The species of the lobster
There are many species of lobsters available but you must likely encounter two species in the market which are Maine lobster and Spiny lobster. What are the different between these two incredible lobsters? Let’s find out!
·         Maine lobster: This lobster sourced mostly from the cold Atlantic waters and in many cases, the suppliers like to sell them as live lobster product. They have sweeter flavor and firmer texture compared with Spiny lobster. They have tender knuckle and claw meats which is even tender than their tail part.
·         Spiny lobster: It is a claw less lobster species which can be found in the warm Caribbean waters. If you want to purchase frozen lobster tail then they are mostly taken out from the Spiny lobster. You can tell it by the distinct and unique white spotted pattern.
2.      Liveliness
Most of the best lobster supplier like to sell them alive rather than killed them and of course it is better to buy lobster when they are still alive or at least kill them when they are ready to be cooked. It is because the lobster will quicker become spoilage when they are in death state. The lobster as well as other similar crustaceans have enzymatic breakdown.
Usually, the lobsters digest their prey with enzymes located in the upper digestive which positioned in their heads. When the lobsters are dead, the enzymes will start to eat their own bodies and thus lobsters will be quickly become spoilage especially around upper areas of the tail. The best solution to prevent it is by remove both the tail and the claws of the lobsters. That’s why you rarely found frozen lobster in a ‘whole’.
But, once again, it is better to keep the lobsters alive when they are sold to the end users. When the healthy lobsters still alive, they will move their claws and tail as well as their legs energetically and flap them few times. If you see a lobster with small movement or limp claws then you better move on to other lobsters being sold.
3.      Soft versus hard lobster
Once a year, most of the lobsters will do molting process to get a new shell. Their hard old shell will be removed and it will reveal some softer shell underneath it. The recently molted soft shell lobsters, however, not so soft so you can be able to eat the lobster including their shell. In the market, you can find old harder shelled lobsters and molted softer shelled lobsters. To differentiate these two kinds of lobsters then you can try to squeeze them gently and the softer shell lobsters will be showing these criteria:
·         Softer shell lobsters are mostly easier to shuck, you can even cut them easily with kitchen shears or even rip their shell using hands.
·         Because of the molting process which required waters, soft shell lobsters are mostly fillet with water and this is mean you get less meat than the harder one.
·         Some people find out that the flavor of the soft shell lobsters are sweeter, more flavorful, and tender than the harder shell lobsters.
4.      The size of the lobster
Lobster supplier in Indonesia, for example, they are always try to offer variety size of lobsters in the market. Some important information which you probably do not know yet, the lobster can grow forever. One of the largest lobsters found can even reach size about 40 to 50-pound range. But, you are likely to encounter smaller lobster size around 1 to 3 pounds only or if you are lucky perhaps about 7 to 8 pounds. The price of the lobsters will also determined by their size. The larger the lobster then you will pay for more for each pound. However, increase in size does not mean increased in the quality of the lobster. Moreover, larger lobster will be harder to cook than the small one and thus you may want to take this as considerations when buying lobsters based on their size.
Where you can buy high quality lobster?
There are many lobster supplier online and offline, maybe you can find them locally, domestically, or internationally. If you want to buy high quality lobster in live condition then you can visit the fishermen. This is the best way to purchase top quality of lobsters when they are still alive.
However, if you are live in the middle of crowded cities or countries then it will be harder to find alive lobsters in good condition. You may want to visit supermarket or grocery stores to buy lobsters. Alternatively, you can find lobster supplier in online site where they can ship to you some lobsters via air delivery.

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If you want to buy for wholesale lobster meat then ideally you need to purchase them alive. However, selecting live lobsters can be quite challenging. That’s why you need some considerations when you want to buy lobsters especially if this is your first time try to purchase lobster. Of course the first thing you do is to find good lobster suppliers near your area. However, if there is no trusted supplier locally, you can always have other options to export lobsters or try to buy lobster via online shopping.
Guides to buy high quality wholesale lobster meat
Before you bring the lobsters at your restaurants or kitchen home, here are few simple guides to buy wholesale lobster meat so you can get desired seafood:
1.      Buy lively and healthy lobsters
When the lobsters still alive then there are three signs which can tell you that the lobsters in healthy conditions:
-          When the sellers pull them out of the tanks, they should flap and raise its tail and claws.
-          If the claws are drop instead then this is a sign that the lobster in weak condition.
-          If the lobster tail does not re-curl when you push the tail straight, it is better to move to the next lobster.
2.      Buy fresh lobsters
To be able to tell which the freshest lobster is in the tanks then there are certain things you can pay attention:
-          The lobster claw bands appear clean and do not crack. More importantly, check the lobster shell, if there is any damage or cracked then avoid buying it.
-          Look for the two long antennae, if the antennae are chewed or missing then it is a sign that the lobster is already in the tanks for too long.
-          Lobsters which already being held in the storage for so long will eventually lose some weight and the claw meat appear shrink.
3.      Buy hard shell lobsters
When buying from wholesale lobster meat suppliers, they particularly will offer you some hard shell and soft shell lobsters. You need to check whether the lobsters you want to buy is the hard one. We recommend you select hard shell lobsters since they are easy to be delivered due to the stronger and hardier shell thus these criteria will prevent any damages during the long trip.
Moreover, hard shell lobsters usually have better texture and more meat than the softer one. To check if the lobsters are the harder one then you can do these things:
-          Press or squeeze the shell of the lobsters, softer shell will yield when pressured while the harder one will stay firm.
-          Harder lobsters will feel heavier in terms of size.
-          Usually the softer shell lobsters have lower price than the harder one, however it does not mean necessarily becomes a bargain in the end.
4.      Buy female or male lobsters
Actually there is no different in taste between the female and male lobsters. Only female lobsters will have roe in their body which is many people consider it to be delicacy while mature male lobsters have bigger claws size. In addition, female lobsters have more meat in their tail. If you want to differentiate female or male lobsters then turn the lobsters on each back. Look for the first pair of appendages or swimmerets where the tail and body meet. Female lobsters legs are softer and more delicate while male lobster legs are stiff and thick.
5.      Buy according to the size of lobsters
Bigger lobsters do not mean they are the highest in quality. Most of lobsters which you can find in the market usually have average size from less than the legal size to around 20 pounds. If you want to use the lobsters for the main ingredient then you can purchase lobsters about 1 to 2 pounds each person. Live lobsters sold by individual weight. The lobsters themselves grow like forever, however it needs 6 to 8 years to reach desired marketable size.
6.      Best time to buy lobsters
You can buy lobsters year round because they are available in frozen lobsters as well. However, if you ask best time to buy lobsters especially Maine lobsters then we suggest you purchase them before the summer tourist come or after the tourist leave. It is because in the summer, the catch of the lobsters sold by the suppliers are mostly the soft shell one and harder lobsters are very difficult to find. Another season best buy to get lobsters is during fall season.
Those are several tips to buy from wholesale lobster meat distributors. If you want to eat lobster but you do not have enough budget because we understand that average price of lobsters is quite expensive then you can order for culls instead. What are culls? Culls are those lobsters that missing one of their claws and thus they are less expensive. In fact they are best to be purchased when you want to cook lobster meat recipe. For extra note, lobsters with no claws are called bullet or pistol and the missing claws are mostly due to fight. But, lobsters can re-grow their claws so there is no big deal for them.
You can order live lobsters from wholesale lobster meat online shopping. This is the best solution when you can find good lobsters locally. You can ask for culls for cheaper lobsters price or you can also ask for many lobsters product in different quality. To deliver the live lobsters as soon as possible to customers, the lobsters are shipped via air express. This will guarantee that the lobsters arrive still in their best condition.
To tell whether you pay for the meat of the lobsters then when you select lobsters product from wholesale lobster meat, check the length of the carapace. The bigger the lobster’s carapace are then usually they have more meat while the smaller that part is then it is usually offer less meat. Do not forget to ask where the sellers caught the lobsters, are they are wild caught or farmed lobsters. This is important because it will affect the sustainability of the lobsters as well.

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Lobster supplier Malaysia is great products that can be found in the Malaysia market. The lobster is versatile seafood which can be cooked deliciously in almost many kind of cooking methods. In Malaysia itself, you can find many restaurants and hotels serve this wonderful and luxurious dish and when you have time to visit Malaysia, you need to look for the best lobster supplier.
Malaysia is one of the top most lobster producers in the world just like Indonesia. In Malaysia, you can be able to find good quality of lobsters if you know how to buy for the greatest one. You can buy the lobsters on boat for some premium freshest live lobsters or you can order frozen lobsters via online shopping. Either way, if you cannot find good live lobster locally then import lobsters from other countries including Malaysia is the best solution you can try.

Lobster supplier Malaysia from the fishermen to the market
The lobsters in Malaysia are harvested wildly from the ocean as well as taken out of the lobster farm. If you want to get wild caught lobsters in Malaysia and you live in there then you can visit the fishermen directly on the coastal area and then buy the lobster on boat. The fishermen will give you cheap discount for buying freshest and live lobsters since they are the first hand lobster supplier Malaysia you can be able to meet.
Try to look for freshest and live lobsters on boat and if they do sell them in a bulk then grab them fast because you cannot miss such chance. Looking for live lobsters are quite difficult in these days and if you buy from your local supermarket, usually they are thawed which is mean not the freshest lobster or they are already stink since the supermarket already kept them quite a long time.
Besides the fishermen, you can also try to buy lobsters from Malaysia wholesalers and retailers or distributors. Although the price of the lobsters might grow higher due to them want to get profit. However, they can give you large amount of lobsters for your business and sometime they even can export the seafood to you via air cargo with overnight shipping process. This is good since the lobsters will arrive in front of your door still in very good condition.
When you buy lobsters from trusted lobster supplier Malaysia then do not hesitate to ask some information including:
-          The sustainability of the lobsters
-          The source of the lobsters: wild caught or farmed
-          The price of the lobsters
-          The shipping process
-          The storage method
-          Additional cost such as delivery service and taxes
-          How the suppliers handle and deal with the lobsters, etc.
-          Some sample to have
-          What lobster species they sell
What to look for from lobster supplier Malaysia
There are several things you should look for when you want to find fresh or frozen lobster supplier Malaysia such as:
1.      The suppliers need to have good track record
It is better if you importing or buy lobsters from suppliers that have good track record and already in the business for quite a long time. See what other people thought about their services from the internet and whether many people recommend others to buy from that one supplier. More importantly, the suppliers can always give you some update about the real time market price for the lobsters. This is important since lobsters are highly priced in the market and thus the change of the price can affect your business as well.
2.      The suppliers have certificates and quality insurances
It is better to select suppliers that already got some certificates and good quality insurances to make sure that they sell true lobsters with high quality product. It is also to make sure that they only sell safe and edible seafood for the customers. You need to ensure that the suppliers follow FDA rules if they want to export the lobsters to outside of their country as well quality insurances from HAACP, ISO, IFS, and many more. High quality of lobster supplier Malaysia must have inspection process and quality control standards to offer premium and satisfying product to all of their customers.
3.      They have good packaging process
Whether the lobsters are safe and still in good condition when they arrive in each destination is also depend on how they store and packaging the seafood. Frozen lobsters are usually packaged inside air vacuum plastic and thus if you spot this package torn or damaged in any way, you need to ask for some guarantee. The suppliers need to make sure they have protection for the lobsters with the packaging process and of course, maintenance for the packaging inventory is a must to do.
4.      They have great logistic management and support
It is important for the suppliers to always monitor their process to make sure all the process have been done in the right way. The orders need to cover all the steps from the process in the facilities to the end customer. Direct monitoring is a must and the steps include receive raw lobsters, actual processing, packaging, and delivery process. During shipping trip, it also needs to be monitored from the scheduling, loading to the cargo, and when the product is arrive at the final destination. Moreover, the suppliers need to give the customer guarantee if the lobsters are damaged during the long journey.
5.      Product development
Thanks to today modern technologies, it is easier to keep the quality of the lobsters as well as handling them with the right methods. When the lobsters are caught they are quick frozen on the boat before being delivered to the facilities. Furthermore, it is not only about product development, but in fact development in services for the customer needs to be taken into action as well. How they can respond the customer demand very well, how the staff is expertise to answer all the questions asked by the customers, and so on.
Hope some of the information above can help you when looking for trusted and reliable lobster supplier Malaysia.

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You might want to learn about lobster habitat map to know more where this crustacean actually like to live all over this world for your knowledge. But first you should know that around this world, the one that people often consume is actually American lobster as well as European lobster species. But of course, there are still other types of lobster that people also consume in this world. As you know this seafood is very famous food which people consume everywhere in this world. That is why; they are often caught by fishermen which want to gain a lot of profit. Of course before they can catch them, the first thing that they need to do is to learn about their habitat and behavior.

Information about Lobster Behavior and Lobster Habitat Map
But for now let us talk about the more common lobster that people eat which is the American lobster as well as European lobster species. As their name, then you should know that they will life in the area which is similar with their name which both still inside the Atlantic Ocean area. But then again there are still some tropical lobsters that people also consume in the tropical region. However, people usually called those kinds of lobster with different name such as slipper lobster as well as spiny lobster.
But you should know that the lobster has close relation with other crustacean such as shrimp as well as crab. Looking at the lobster habitat map, then you will also notice that they also like to stay in the under part of the sea.  Especially since the under part of the sea is a better place for them to live as they can get a lot of food as well as place to hide themselves from danger. Especially since the eyesight of a lobster is actually in poor condition but they have developed more advanced sense such as tasting and smelling. For eating, they will choose to feed on mollusk or even smaller size fish. But sometimes they may also eat plant based food such as algae or other plants.
This is the reason why they can live very well in area that is filled with rocks, in the cold area of the Atlantic Ocean that is on the Northern America location. In this area the water will goes down from 164 toward 2,296 feet. But then again, you still able to find lobster in different water area such as freshwater or even area with brackish water.
For the American lobster, you can see through the lobster habitat map, that they reside all over the Atlantic coast area still in the northern part of America. That goes along the Labrador area which is on the northern area then goes towards Cape Hatteras in the North Carolina area which is on the southern area. But on different area such as New Jersey especially on the southern area, they are quite uncommon. Then again on different area like Virginia, Maryland, Delaware, as well as North Carolina, their population goes around one percent.
For the small size lobster, they will hide themselves under rock area as you see on lobster habitat map. Usually they will find a lair which mostly consist of rock which able to protect them from predator. Once they find suitable lair, first they will poke their claws inside. This is done so they can ensure there is no danger inside. This also done so the creature that currently resides inside the lair will go away so they can take that place. Then after the place is empty and safe, they will use it as their own lair. But to do that, they will enter first with their back part inside. This is done so they can defend whenever there is danger approaching. This is also done so they can still take any food that accidentally came across their lair so they do not even need to leave the safety that is provided by their lair.
You should know that a lobster will mostly spend their live inside their lair since it can protect them from danger. Especially for the younger one as they are still very small as well as vulnerable, thus they need to quickly find a lair to hide. That is the reason why they might dig a lair inside mud, sand or the pebbles. Then they will even stay under the lair for years as they need to protect themselves. But later when they have grow into adult lobster then they will be able to fight most predators which means there should be less treats that they need to face. This is the reason bigger size lobster like to move around more compared to the smaller size lobster. But even with that they still only have very minimum migration habit even though they might also like to move along the coastal region.
Even though the bigger size lobster like to move around more compared to the smaller size lobster, but they still like to live inside depth area of the sea and then done some migratory behavior by moving to the warmer water. This is why; when you see on the lobster habitat map they also love to go into the shore area during the summer season in search for warmer water climate. This might be the reason why; you think that their habitat is also around the coastal area then moving along the offshore area.
During their migration period, they will usually take around 19 miles travel. They actually like to travel along in the coastal region in area that is near the shore, which actually spread around 918 miles long this is why the travel time might take around 3.5 years to do.
Those are all information that you will learn when you take a look at the lobster habitat map. Before jumping in and knowing where they are currently resides, the first thing that you need to do is to learn their behavior. So you will now know where to search for them on the map in any season.

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Lobster exporters products can be purchased in the market with variety of prices depending on the quality and the type of the products. You can use and cook them for any recipes since lobsters are very versatile. You can broil, bake, fry, grill, steam, etc the lobsters according to your preference. Meanwhile, lobster is also a luxurious seafood product since many high class restaurants and hotels serve them and bulk order the lobsters from certain trusted suppliers. In addition, they are typically delivered by air cargo so the customers can get their products within overnight shipping.
Variety of the lobster exporters products
There are many varieties of lobster exporters products which you can buy from the lobster dealers such as:
1.      Fresh lobsters
This is the first lobster product that comes to mind when looking for good quality lobsters for restaurant and hotel business. It is true that freshest lobsters will offer more delicious taste and top quality when they are cooked quickly right after being caught. Fresh lobsters are characteristically served with or without their shells depending on the recipes. Furthermore they can be served in alive or dead.
Of course we recommend you to get live lobsters because dead lobsters are easier to go spoilage. After you buy fresh and live lobsters you better prepare and cook them as quickly as possible. You can buy either Maine lobster or Spiny lobster.
Since the exporters need to keep the lobsters live during the delivery process, they are shipped with air cargo with special handle and storage so they are still in best condition  when they are arrive at the destination.
2.      Frozen lobsters
The frozen lobsters are the second best choice when you cannot get fresh and alive lobsters from trusted lobster exporters. They are sometime sold in cheaper price than the fresh lobsters. The advantage of frozen lobster is they are available year round and you mostly can find them even in nearest market like the grocery stores or supermarket. Meanwhile, you do not need to prepare and cook them quickly, because they can be cooked anytime.
Frozen lobsters are usually packed inside air vacuum packaging to prevent spoilage. After that the frozen lobsters need to be stored inside freezer in the right temperature setting even after they are delivered by air cargo or truck and ships. Frozen lobsters can be as good as the fresh lobsters since they are quick frozen after being caught on the boat. If you want to buy frozen lobster just make sure the package does not have any damages or torn plus they is no ice burn or ice crystal on the lobsters.
3.      Lobster tails
The lobster tails can be sold in either fresh or frozen conditions. Although it is true they are easier to get in frozen condition especially when they are exported to other countries. The lobster tails have delicate flavor and they have large amount of meat inside the tails. Many people who do not like to eat lobster in a whole and just want to taste for good lobster meat with nice appearance when served, they prefer to take lobster tails. Cheap lobster exporters usually offer warm water lobster tails or cold water lobster tails. Although many people prefer to have cool water lobster tails instead of the warm one because they are sweeter and have tender meat inside. Cook the lobster tails and eat them with some delicious sauces to add more flavors.
4.      Lobster meats
Online lobster exporters also like to offer certain product of lobster meats which they are served mostly without its shells. They are the best product where the chefs do not want to clean and prepare a whole lobsters to make any recipes. The lobster meats are packed inside air vacuum packaging and inside the package; they are flakes of lobster meats or a bunch of lobster meats along with the claw meats and so on. It is easier to cook seafood recipes with lobster meats, you can make delicious sandwich or make seafood lobster salad with the lobster meats product. The lobster meats are usually cooked or semi cooked so there is no need to take much time just to prepare recipe with the meats. Not to mention, they are sold in cheaper price than a whole fresh and frozen lobster exporters product.
5.      Canned lobster meats
This is the cheapest lobster product which you can buy when you want to luxury eat lobster meats, but do not have enough budget. However, sometime the canned lobster meats are not the true lobster. Some suppliers offer other seafood meats that look like lobster meats and then add lobster flavor. That’s why they are great cheaper alternative to buy. Of course there is also option for real lobster meats packed inside cans with the claws. They are available in chunks or flakes. The canned lobster flakes are cheaper than the chunks one because many brands offer fake lobster meat with additional lobster flavor to add the lobster like taste. If you want to add lobster meat as side ingredient for any recipes then you can use canned lobster for easy preparation. However, if the lobsters are the main ingredient then we suggest that you use whole true lobster instead of the canned one.
Those are some lobster exporters products which you can buy from the dealers. To be able to deliver the products for many customers, you can try to order them via online shop or the internet. There are many main lobster produce countries that sell varieties of lobster species in many qualities.
If you like to get fresh and alive lobster but you live far away from the coastal area, you can buy them from lobster exporters. Select trusted exporters who follow FDA regulations and terms for export import trading. It is better to ask for samples before you buy just to make sure that they really sell true lobsters. Moreover, you can also ask for some recommendations from other customers who experienced the dealers product and services before.

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