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Red Snapper Wholesale Prices

Wednesday 7 March 2018

Red Snapper Wholesale Prices

Red snapper wholesale prices are affordable for anyone who wants to eat delicious seafood meals. Sometime buying a whole red snapper is better than purchasing fish fillets because of the lower price that you might possible to get. Red snapper is a type of fish that can be found mostly in Gulf of Mexico and Indonesia. They are packed with healthy nutrition and have sweet mild nutty flavor. Very delicious when you deep fry, bake, or grill them.
There are four types of red snapper fish which you can buy:
-          Northern red snapper
-          Blood and scarlet red snapper
-          Two spot red snapper
-          Humpback red snapper
Red snapper is one of the best known snapper species in the whole world. They have very fine texture and mild white meat thus they are perfect for almost any types of cooking methods and recipes.
Complete with the bones and the skin attached, a whole red snapper is a perfect choice rather than you buy fillets. Unless you do not have the skill to prepare the whole fish, you may prefer red snapper fillets instead.

Why buying red snapper in a whole instead of fillets?
First, it is because you are possible to get lower red snapper wholesale prices than fillets. You can buy fresh red snapper in seafood market and get discounted price buy asking for a discount. Moreover, the whole fish can keep the juices from evaporating so quickly. You may wonder why sometime red snapper fillets appear drier than usual; it is because they are no longer having the bones and skin to keep the juice evaporated. You can purchase skin of red snapper fillets; however they are still not as juicy as the whole fish.
Actually preparing a whole red snapper is so easy, you just need to remove the head and tail (some people like to keep them though) and remove their bones too. After that seasons them with some spices to add tastier flavor. You can fry or grill the fish afterward. The simplest seasoning is by adding salt and pepper are enough to add delicious flavor to the mild fish.
Here are the reasons of why you need to buy red snapper in a whole instead of fillets:
-          Filleting yourself will save your money
Okay, so you want to cook red snapper fillets but you limited budget then you can option for a whole red snapper fillets. Most fishmongers are usually purchase fresh red snapper directly from the fishing boats. After that, they will pay some staff to fillet them and it is mean more labor cost will be added to the market price when they sold in the grocery stores. That is also will be done in most of factories or fish facilities. So if you want to save your money, you can purchase a whole fish rather than buying already filleted red snapper because frozen or fresh red snapper wholesale prices are cheaper than fillets. No filleting labor cost!
-          You can ensure that you eat fresh fish
When you purchase a whole fish, you can check the freshness quality of the fish easily compared when you purchase fish fillets. It needs more experience to tell whether the red snapper fillets are in their fresh condition or they are already there for as long as the market staff can remember.
You can check the freshness of the whole fish from their appearance, smell, and texture. For example, avoid buying the whole fish when you spot their eyes look sunken and dry. Moreover, if they have off putting smell then it is mean they are no longer fresh.
-          You can still use the fish head, wings, and frame
The advantage for buying whole fish besides those cheap red snapper wholesale prices is that you can still use their fish head, wings, and frame. For example, you can use red snapper head to make stock for your soup or you can use their wings to make delicious BBQ, and many more. Not to mention, the fish head can be good bait for sport fishing!
From the reasons above, you can tell of why it is better to buy a whole red snapper fish, either fresh or frozen. It is way cheaper and you can get more white meats from all the part of the fish.
Cooking red snapper is a new different experience
If you never try cooking red snapper then it is the time you replace the usual salmon or tuna for your diet meals. Red snapper packed with nutrition such as omega-3 fatty acids, calcium, selenium, magnesium, vitamin B12, vitamin E, and so on. This is why red snapper is great alternative if you are bored eating usual seafood such as salmon, tuna, and mackerel.
Red snapper is a firm textured fish with moist flesh that will be great when baked, grilled, pan fried, steamed, broiled, and poached. Do not worry if you want to make any recipes because red snapper responds very well to almost any cooking methods. You can try to grill red snapper without need to remove their head or tail for easy preparation and saving your time as well. Add seasonings with salt and pepper then grill them for few minutes until their skin turned brown and crispy. You can add other seasonings such as fresh chili pepper, lemon, and butter. Another recipe to serve red snapper is by adding some tropical fruits for very easy and delicious spring meal.
Never forget to check the best condition of a whole red snapper. When you looking for cheap red snapper wholesale prices, you can ask for discount from the sellers. After that pay attention to these criteria:
-          The fish should have bright eyes without sunken look
-          Their skin should appear shiny with tight scales.
-          Their gills should appear pink or deep red.
-          The fish should smell like the ocean.
And look for red snapper with shiny and clean belly cavity without cuts. If you follow these tips, we are sure you can get the best quality of freshest fish with cheap red snapper wholesale prices.


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