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Freshwater Shrimp Farming and Production Method Requirement

Wednesday 7 March 2018

Freshwater Shrimp Farming and Production Method Requirement

If you want to know more about freshwater shrimp farming, then you have come to the right place. The shrimp is often fished from gulf or sea water, however in our modern day, now the shrimp can be farm in the land. Not only that, the shrimp will be farm using freshwater as there are also several shrimp species that is also grow in freshwater habitat thus it is more suitable to be farm. But no matter the shrimp species is, they actually very adaptable to most habitat, thus it is actually quite easy for you to be able to farm the shrimp in freshwater.
Learn about freshwater shrimp farming method
In the old days, the freshwater shrimp farming is done very simple way as it is only in small size farming. However, with the popularity of the shrimp as well as the development of more advanced technology, now the farming method has become more modern as it is done professionally. But even with this advanced technology, the number of shrimp species which being farm professionally is still limited as there are still thousands of shrimp species out there.
Actually the shrimp farming which is done in freshwater is very suitable for Southeast Asian countries as they have warm climate which is very suitable temperature for the freshwater shrimp to grow. That is why many farmers are also farming macrobrachium rosenbergii which is a species of shrimp that is very popular in those countries. Not only that, this shrimp species is native in those countries which make it very suitable to be farmed in those countries. But you should not have to worry as there are still many other shrimp species which also farmed in those countries.
Now to be able to do freshwater shrimp farming the farmer will need to have the shrimp which is still in juvenile stage. Then they will grow them until they become shrimp and eventually make some profits from it. The farmer usually gets those juvenile stages shrimp to be used on their farming from a hatchery since they have not owned anything in the start. But it is actually quite easy to get the juvenile stage shrimp as there are many hatcheries which sold them commercially for farming purpose.

But the challenge in freshwater shrimp farming comes in the quality of the freshwater which used to grow the shrimp. Especially when the shrimp’s life will depend on the quality of the water in which they grow inside. That is why the water usually comes from other source such as stream, river and sometimes reservoir. The quality of the water which going to be used on the pond will first be tested before usage. That way, they will be able to ensure that it has the correct requirement which suitable for the shrimp.
Furthermore the water that has good quality should also be able to provide enough food for the shrimps. However, on a pond which only recently being dug, it does not have enough food resource inside. Thus it is not suitable to be used to farm shrimp for at least in the first year. As you know outside the freshwater shrimp farming, in the wild then shrimp will feed on algae, along with the other insect which available inside the pond. But during the first year of the pond being dug the amount of those food, which consumed by the shrimp is not enough. Thus the shrimps would not be able to get enough food when growing inside this pond.
That is why, the only way that the farmer could do is to grow the juvenile stage shrimp inside tank or aquarium until it is large enough to be growing inside the pond later after they get bigger. Then they will be able to find their own food after it already in large size. But, sometimes when the food inside the pond is still not enough, then farmer can also feed them using the same food which given to catfish as the nutrient which needed by both animal is actually quite similar.
Those are several things that needed to be done when doing freshwater shrimp farming as it has a lot of requirement to fulfill then you also need to do some of them when you are interested in making one.


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