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Grouper Fish Distributor

Wednesday 7 March 2018

Grouper Fish Distributor

Grouper fish distributor can send you various cuts of grouper seafood products. Grouper fish is highly valued by in the seafood market and this is why the fish can be sold in high prices as luxury fish. The true grouper fish caught in Gulf of Mexico as well as Atlantic Ocean, they are the most abundant in stock during warm seasons such as summer and spring. Grouper has delicate unique flavor with mild taste. The two most famous grouper fish are red and black grouper. Red grouper has milder and sweeter taste than the black one, that’s why many people more preferred grouper than then black grouper.
Grouper fish is not only popular to be sold for consumption, but they are also famous as sport fishing. As trade commodity, each year there are tons of grouper fish harvested using hook and line fishing methods. However in sport fishing, most of the fishers will catch the grouper fish using fishhook with natural bait, preferred living bait to attract the fish better. Whether the fishers will release the fish or sell them it is depends on the fishers.

Grouper fish distributor in the market
Grouper fish distributor sells different variety products from frozen fish to fresh fish. However, if the fish is going to be sold as export commodity, usually the suppliers will sell them as frozen grouper fish to prevent the spoilage during a long trip. You do not need to be worried with the quality of frozen fish since they can be as good as the fresh fish you often found in local seafood market. In fact, after the grouper fish were caught by the fishermen, the fish is flash frozen on boat to lock the freshness. This is mean when the fish is thawed; they can be served as high quality fresh seafood in the grocery stores.
One of the main producers of grouper fish is Indonesia suppliers. The fish is very abundant in the Indonesia waters and market; they are sold in both fresh and frozen fish. The grouper fish sourced from wild caught or fish farming.
Grouper fish distributor in Indonesia is willing to sell grouper seafood products to various destinations including:
·         Local market
It is usually the traditional market meaning that the grouper fish suppliers sell directly and locally to various seafood markets. The fish is being sold in fresh grouper since consumers who visit traditional market hope in fresh grouper fish instead of frozen one. The price of grouper fish in local market is usually cheaper than when you buy at supermarkets or grocery stores.
·         Hotels and restaurants
Most of the customers who buy grouper fish are star hotels and restaurants since the fish has high price. It is a luxury menu dish in hotels and restaurants where people need to pay for quite of large amount to taste the delicious grouper fish. Hotels and restaurants will buy grouper fish in a bulk thus trusted grouper fish distributor is going to send the fish inside cargo in frozen condition since not all the fish are going to be used at the moment. The restaurants and hotels keep and store them inside special freezer with proper temperature setting.
·         Supermarket and grocery stores
Grouper suppliers are also deliver their fish to various local and domestic supermarket and grocery stores. In fact, distributors often sell them to other countries supermarket and stores as well. The fish is delivered in fresh, frozen, and semi frozen condition where the supermarket and grocery stores sell them again to the end users. The price of the grouper fish in such markets are usually higher than when you buy from the first hand distributors or in local traditional market.
·         Whole sellers
Grouper fish distributor Indonesia is also sell the fish to various whole sellers in bulk. The price of the fish is quite cheaper since whole sellers can get discounted price when they buying quite large amount of grouper fish. Whole sellers then will send them to other customers including retailers as well as restaurants and hotels. Moreover, the whole sellers can also sell them to importers who like to buy grouper fish from outside of their countries. You can find local and domestic whole sellers.
·         Online sellers
In this era when the technology growing up so fast, online shopping becomes a trend among the people who do not like to go outside when they want to buy something including seafood products. Distributors also like to sell grouper fish with online shopping methods to various customers. It is also a good channel for the distributor to sell the grouper as export commodity. There is no boundary when sell the fish online and there is no limitation in terms of time and place when the grouper fish sold with online shop method. The customers can even buy them anytime and anywhere.
·         Retailers
Retailers channel for grouper fish is growing up so fast and there are a lot. The cheap grouper fish distributor will send the fish to various retailers that sell the fish to the end users. As for the price, since retailers are mostly get their product from distributors and sometime the whole sellers, of course the price is quite higher than when you buy from the first hand because retailers need to get some profit.
Grouper fish distributor prices are depend on the market demand as well as the amount of grouper fish stock. It is better if you buy grouper fish during their abundant season such as summer and spring because you will have large selection of grouper qualities. And of course buy grouper fish in that season meaning you can get the best quality of fresh grouper fish in its finest.
In Indonesia, grouper fish can be sourced from wild caught harvest or fish farming. Therefore, before you buy from Indonesia grouper fish distributor, you should ask them where they source the fish and what kind of sustainability method they have to catch the fish. Grouper fish is one of the best trading commodities in fishing industry and aquaculture thus you can seek them in many distributors today.


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